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The Walking Dead Season 4 Release Date

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The hit series is headed for a fourth season this fall. The Walking Dead season 4 release date has been announced as October 13th.

It is one of the most awaited season premieres of the year as the blockbuster series is going to have new twists in the upcoming season. The focus of the series remains on survival but will it be diverted to something else? We’re yet to know. The synopsis of the third season brought the cast into the prison which they have been using as a shelter since the aftermath of the season finale. Rick and his group have found a safe place to hide where they can roam around freely.

This prison area is their new found joy as it offers them a safe haven to live without any dangers. In the premiere of the new season, life seems to be easy and smooth. The guys are having a calm time and the evenings will be spent while gardening and finding food. The place is a protective layer for the group where they can practice with knives and other equipment so that they won’t forget how to survive in case of an unexpected set back.

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However, the producers revealed that this safety is not going to last for long. There are dangers lurking behind the prison, and Rick and his fellows are unaware of what is going to get them. In fact they don’t even know if they are in danger. In the proceedings of the season, sudden danger will arise and the survival of the group will be challenged. Even though they are preparing to fight off any challenges, the sudden attack will throw them off. The creators have spilled out that many of the members of the group will lose their lives during the scenario.

How many of them will be lost? It has not been explicitly revealed but from Hershel’s dialogue in the promo, the loss of 12 members is a safe guess. Rick had gotten tired of taking care of everyone and leading them to safety every time danger strikes but the new situation will force him to move forward and lead his group to safe place to survive. Executive producer Robert Kirkman stated that the group members will go through a lot and every one will be pushed to break down by their survival instincts. The premiere might not have hope for many of the Rick’s companions.

The Walking Dead season 4 air date is October 13th and will reveal much more about the series.

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