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Vikings Season 3 Premiere & Release Date

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Should we expect a Vikings Season 3?

When is the season 3 premiere of this popular TV show?

If that is what troubling you then you are at the right place.

Below we will make a little review of the first 2 seasons and inform you in more detail about the forthcoming.

About the show “Vikings”:

Vikings is a historical drama, the show was created by Michael Hirst, the stars of the series are Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, and Jessalyn Gilsig among others. One episodes runs for 45 minutes and is aired on History.

This series tells the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, the warrior that will rise and become the King of the Viking tribes. He is considered to be the descended of Odin, the God of warriors and war. We also get to see more of his family and friends, a beautifully constructed series.

Vikings premiered on March 3, 2013. It generated a lot of fuss from the early days, as the series progressed it gained on popularity. The first season had its finale on April 28, 2013. It had a total of nine episodes. The second season started airing in February 27, 2014. This time around there were 10 episodes. The big finale occurred on May 1, 2014. Two epic seasons so far, filled with a lot of drama and unpredictability.

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Season 3 premiere date of “Vikings”:

We have confirmation that a third seasons will happen, 10 episodes and Paris will be invaded is what we know so far.

The premiere is scheduled for 2015, we still don’t know the exact date but we can expect it to be late February or early March on History channel.

Vikings Season 3 Trailer


Season 1 Recap

vikings - imageRagnar Lothbrok at a meeting where the topic was the summer raids tells Earl Haraldson to send his ships to the west, believing that there is an island called England. Earl refuses, consequently Ragnar decides to get a boat on his own after being told to get the law in his own hands.

Ragnar starts recruiting, his wife demands to be on the ship alongside him, Lothbrok refuses and tell her that one of them has to stay home in order to take care of the children, Lagertha is not satisfied. Earl learns what Ragnar is planning but decides to take no action believing that there is nothing on the West. Lindisfarne monastery is attacked, it is an island Ragnar visited after several days in the sea.

Haraldson calls Ragnar to the halls after his succesfull raid demanding the treasure. He allows the crew to take one thing, Ragnar takes Athelstan as his slay, he learns a lot about the political structure of England and decides to learn their language as well. Earl orders another raid and this time sends one of his men in the crew, Ragnar surprises everyone when he included his wife in the crew.

Ragnar tells everyone that they will raid the village on Sunday, when everyone is on mass. Knut, the man sent by Haraldson rapes one of the woman, after Ragnar’s wife intervenes he tries to rape her as well, Lagertha kills Krut. Haraldson accuses Ragnar of the murder and bribes Rollo to testify against his half-brother.

Haraldson attackt Ragnar’s farm and kills all of his stock and burns his buildings. Ragnar surrenderes in onrder for his family to escape to the boat. He manages to escapes and is nursed back to health by Floki.

Ragnar challenges Earl to a battle, Haraldson declines at first but later accepts. Lagertha thinks that her husband is too weak to fight urges him to escape, Ragnar wins anyway.
Ragnar arrives in England with his men. The Kings brother is defeated by Ragnar after they have been attacked during the night. Ragner visits Aelle, the King and demands 2000 pounds of gold and silver for the ransom. Aelle agrees but has no intention of paying and attack Ragnar’s camp instead.

Ragnar alongside his wife and friends visits Uppsala where they pay homage to the Gods. They do this every nine years. Ragnar is mentally weak and still can’t accept the loss of his unborn child. Lagertha worries that she may never bear him another son.

King Horik orders Ragnar, his brother Rollo, Bjorn and Floki to leave for Gotland in order to negotiate a land dispute with Jarl Borg. Back home a black plague strikes the village.

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Season 2 Recap

viks2 - imagePrincess Aslaug made her way to Kattegat with a huge surprise, a surprise that changed everything, on the other side Ragnar and King Horik’s forces began their battle with Jarl Borg.

Since Ragnar has been the new Earl, four years have passed in peace. A common goal has formed a new alliance, the raid on England has formed a new team. Jarl Borg has his own plans when Kattegat is concerned, Ragnar races to dominate the West. Ragnar and Ecbert meeting face to face could mean new compromise.

Kattegat is now ruled by the Jarl Born. Bjorn is once again forced to make a big decision while Ragnar reunites with his wife. King Horik has an interesting proposition for Ragner on his return to Kattegat. They clash because of their differences, they have very different views when Wessex is concerned.

A vicious surprise awaits Ragnar’s warriors. Ragnar returned home after his defeat in Wessex.

This is a great series and one of the most popular since its launch.

I loved the first two seasons and can’t wait for the third.

If by any chance you have missed the first two, I recommend you watch them, it’s a great drama that you will surely enjoy.

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