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Famous Actors Who’ve Hooked Up with their Co-Stars

Hooked 3

Hollywood, as we know, is no stranger to love stories. There’s something magical about watching two people fall in love on-screen and apparently we’re not the only ones who feel it. Sometimes the chemistry on screen appears real because it ...

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Heroes Reborn Review


Heroes Reborn Review Back in 2006, a man by the name of Tim Kring created what you could easily oversimplify as “X-men for TV,” a show that serialized people being born with superpowers and how they have to deal with ...

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Fear the Walking Dead Pilot


Fear the Walking Dead Pilot Review “The Walking Dead” is one of the greatest television shows ever crafted; that’s more than just an opinion, it’s becoming more factual with each record shattering season that premieres as more and more people ...

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Rick and Morty Recap Seasons 1 and 2


Rick and Morty Recap, Seasons 1 and 2 The series follows Morty, an anxious, insecure teen, and his recently returned grandfather Rick, an aggressive, alcoholic scientist.  The show plays on the theory that there are infinite universes, and Rick has ...

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Bojack Horseman No.1 Alcoholic Horse on Netflix


Airing as a Netflix exclusive, Bojack Horseman is probably the number 1 alcoholic horse on Netflix and possibly the best animated TV show about alcoholic horses this year. With two seasons and a Christmas episode, the series takes us through ...

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Review The Flash Season 1


The Flash Season 1 I wasn’t too excited when I heard the news that The Flash was getting its own TV show. This has less to do with the memories of the horrid 1990 series and more to do with simply ...

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