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Two and a Half Men Season 11

Two and a Half Men Season 11 Premiere

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Popular series Two and a Half Men will be returning this fall for an 11th season. The TV show gained a lot of attention and the number of fans and the ratings has kept it going for so long.

Earlier this year the producers announced that there will be an 11th season of the series. Two and a Half Men Season 11 premiere is set to air on September 26th, 2013. Some fans were expecting it to end after 10 seasons as it is expected of most series but the creator Chuck Lorre stated that the series has enough testosterone to last a lifetime.

The upcoming season might not be as charming as the previous seasons. The series lost much of its charm when Charlie Sheen left the sets. Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen wasn’t very welcomed by many fans. However we still saw 2 new seasons without any trace of Charlie Sheen in it and somehow survived. Now the producers have announced that the former child character Agnus T. Jones is not going to be a series regular anymore. It means that more than half of the series cast has been cut off the scenes and imagine what could be left without them.

As a replacement, we’ll be introduced to Charlie Sheen’s daughter on the sets of Two and a Half Men. Yes, it’s a shock to all of us. Apparently Charlie had knocked off some woman before he went to live in Melbourne and in the premiere we’ll be seeing her daughter coming to Walden’s (Ashton Kutcher) house looking for her father. It is revealed that she will start living with Alan and Walden in the same house. So we should be looking forward to a new regular on the series. It is too soon to decide whether this change will be welcomed by the fans or not.

Nangnangnangnang - Two and a Half Men

The character for this role is still to be cast so we do not know what to expect. Also the mother of the character has not been revealed. Creators have claimed that the daughter will be in her early twenties and we should expect her to be a spoiled lesbian. Well, that’s a huge twist in the show; Jack leaving and being replaced by lesbian Jenny. Producers are expecting this to attract more viewers and to spread laughter on the faces of millions. Let’s hope the new season premiere exceeds our expectations and urges us to continue following the series.

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