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Pretty Little Liars

Best TV Shows Like Pretty Little Liars

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“Pretty little liars” has been on air for four years now. The show has gathered a huge audience.

If you love this show, here are some other TV shows like Pretty Little Liars that you might want to check out.

Top 10 Shows Like Pretty Little Liars



This show is based in Beverley Hills, circulating around the lives of two children as they adapt into the drama of the local school after their family moves there from Kansas. It includes the social drama and the lifestyle of high school kids of all sorts. It’s a good time pass for teens and young adults. Teenage romance and drama, just like Pretty Little Liars.

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the vampire diaries9

The Vampire Diaries

As the name implies, this show is based on the series of books by L.J. Smith, and revolves around a human girl who finds herself in a swarm of vampires and witches. Her urge to survive as a human, to stay with her human friends, her witch friends and her vampire boyfriend makes her team up and fight against the evil ones.

switched at birth8

Switched At Birth

This is a relatively new show, revolving around the lives of two teenage girls who discover that they were switched at birth accidentally. The dilemma of finding their real parents and adjusting into the new setting, adapting into this complicated situation, it’s really something.



This show has an amazing plot line and is intended for teens who like to have some fun in high school life. The life of an unsocial teenage girl changes when an accident is perceived as her unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide. The show is funny yet dramatic in a wonderful way.

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The Carrie Diaries6

The Carrie Diaries

It is the story of the life of a girl in her sweet 16. Left without the blessing of a mother, she navigates her surroundings and the big city of Manhattan to get answers to her questions about love, family, friends, life and fashion. Interesting and similar show to Pretty Little Liars.

the lying game5

The Lying Game

This show is based on a series of books by the same author as Pretty Little Liars. At the age of 16, an adopted elite girl finds out that she has an identical twin and was separated from her by birth. Circumstances lead them to switch places and live as the other one. The drama and mystery never ends in the show.

the fosters4

The Fosters

Two women who live with their birth son and four adopted kids try to make sense of their life and to bring peace to the disturbed kids who have remained in foster care for too long to trust the fact that any parent that takes them in is going to love them as their own.

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Desperate Housewives3

Desperate Housewives

This show focuses on the lives of manipulative housewives who live in the same street and share their secrets and try to find out the true cause behind the suicide of their dearest friend in her house. The show contains mystery, romance, comedy and drama.

gossip girl2

Gossip Girl

An unknown person working as a gossip girl reveals out the darkest secrets of the students of an elite high school. Six friends try to sort out their relationships as gossip girl has made it her mission to reveal every secret at the worst possible hour.

Jane By Design1

Jane By Design

It focuses on the double life of a not so popular high school girl, who is also portraying herself as a young woman in fashion business. The two identities provide the girl with massive adventures and surprises in her life.

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  • lauren

    nothing is like pretty little lairs

  • Voula Mikropoulou

    not even close!!!! but ”the killing” is similar to PLL