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Best TV Shows Like Breaking Bad

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The legendary series has finally said goodbye so it’s time to find new obsessions. Here are a few suggestions for breaking Bad fans and you will find these addictive if you are a diehard fan of the recently ended show. 

Top 10 TV Shows Like Breaking Bad

the wire


The Wire

Breaking Bad fans will find this show quite familiar as the layers in the screening are much like that show. This series draws complex characters and reveals the facts about the world of drugs and crime. Unlike other crime shows, it has intrigue about it and makes you want to believe in the characters.




A secret agent working for an underground government organization goes rogue when she defies orders and tries to make up for the things that this organization made her do. The complications involved seem realistic and make the show loveable.




The show has a special sense of comedy in it. An out of money mom tries to find a way to earn money and ends up selling weed in her neighborhood when she finally realizes how different the people around her actually are. The irony and the sense of humor will leave you awed.

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the sopranos


The Sopranos

It is a show with one of the best staging team. The show has been perfectly dramatized and the story told is extremely amazing. Every move makes you wonder the morality of the character and that’s what makes it appealing.

house of cards


House Of Cards

The characters of the show belong to the senate and other government officials and show their moral compromises and their attempts to make things right for themselves for attaining power. The extent to which they can go to get things done without revealing their identity is amazing.

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boardwalk empire


Boardwalk Empire

The show is mainly about cruel criminal doing illegal things and eliminating every threat, but it also takes into account for the lives of those who are associated with theirs and how they try to keep their loved ones in line.

game of thrones


Game Of Thrones

This is a fantasy show based on the works of George. R. R. Martin. It revolves on the attempts of the rulers to own the Iron Throne, amongst the fictional lands and the touch of fictional entities, new religions, the concept of dragons and much more attracts the viewers.




Set back in the 1800s, the show revolves around the life of a man who lives under his own code and tries to give a reason to live to his followers, in order to achieve something good. The show can be thought of as a projection of Breaking Bad in the 19th century.

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sons of anarchy


Sons Of Anarchy

The show is depicted from a Shakespearean angle and revolves around the lives of outlaw bikers who like to proceed with their sport without worrying about their financial status and social image.

the shield


The Shield

This show is a perfect replacement if your wound of losing Breaking Bad is still fresh. The characters have complicated stories which make every scenario in the course of the series unpredictable and amazing.

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