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The Vampire Diaries Season 5

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Premiere & Release Date

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A lot happened in the last couple of episodes of The Vampire Diaries season 4. We saw our favorite witch die and appear as a ghost. The teens of Mystic falls finally graduated high school in a calm ceremony and the sweet Matt left for a road trip to Europe with Rebekah. Matt and Rebekah’s kissing scene gathered a lot of attention last season. Although these were some turning points  but the most shocking and breath taking scenes were far intense than these.

We all knew that some vampire was going to take the humanity potion but who would have known it would be the hot Katherine. And no one could have imagined that Elena would be the one to feed her the cure. In the final moments of the finale, we saw Silas taking Stefan’s form and poor Stefan was locked and thrown into water. These two scenes were most shocking and intense for all the fans.

Now that The Vampire Diaries Season 5 release date is set to be October 3, 2013, we’ll soon have some answers.

With the premiere date only a week away the anxiety has risen and producers have revealed some spoilers for the upcoming season. Stefan was pushed into water and he is drowning, dying and getting back to life again. This whole summer poor Silas made Stefan undergo the same routine of dying and getting back. Meanwhile, Silas is establishing himself as Stefan and is shadowing his image. We’re yet to discover what he might unleash by remaining undercover like this. Apparently he is having a good time by impersonating Stefan.

On the other hand, Katherine is trying to handle her new life. We saw her as a vampire, and various aspects of her personality were revealed. We have seen her as ruthless and also as a caring person at times. And let’s admit it; she was our favorite vampire in the series. And now that she has undergone a transformation, it will turn her life upside down, unless of course she learns to deal with it. The producers have claimed that Katherine doesn’t make a great human and we’ll see in the premiere how miserable her life is now.

Will Katherine be able to hold on to her newly gained life as a human? For how long will Silas impersonate Stefan without letting anyone know? And will we have our witch back? Well, these are the most asked questions about the series and let’s see how many answers the producers are going to reveal in the premiere, the air date of which has been announced by the producers already.

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