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The Newsroom Season 3 Premiere & Air Date

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Is there going to be a third season of the popular TV show “The Newsroom”? Continue reading and find out what the creator of “The Newsroom” said about the season 3 premiere.

It’s no secret that the first two seasons of The Newsroom gathered a lot of attention from millions of viewers round the globe. The series managed to get an excellent rating from the viewers in a very short time and it provoked HBO to announce a third season for the TV show.

The announcement was made when the last few episodes of season 2 were being filmed. The success of the first two seasons gave the creators a thumbs up and led them to renew the show for a third season. Fans are excited about the premiere of season 3.

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Initially HBO reluctantly avoided saying anything about an upcoming season for the TV show. But an amazing show like The Newsroom with a striking rating doesn’t get cancelled easily. The creator Aaron Sorkin announced positively that he will be bringing back the show for a whole new season. So there is going to be a lot more for the fans in the new season. HBO executives have confirmed that the only thing that can delay the new season’s premiere is Aaron’s schedule conflicts. The team is striving to put together a schedule and embark on a new season.

Currently, seven episodes of the second season have been aired and fans are more excited about the next episode than ever. The series has undergone new twists over the year. Last year the show was plotting the death of Leona Lansing and now we consider her one of us.

The episode is one of the most popular ones as it has somehow put together all the threads and gives some rightful answers to the viewers. Combined with a light sense of humor, the show is stealing hearts and making people gasp, just like it used to when it started.

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[hana-code-insert name=’New-Rec-Left’ /]The show has a great strategy that has made it so successful. The unexpected turns, the wrong accusation from the US government, the recent lawsuit and the twisted plots are making it even more popular than it already is. Will McAvoy and Rebecca are really keeping it together and until the season finale comes out, we should expect more surprises.

Aaron has done a really good job by twisting humor with tactical situations and offering the viewers a way to smile even in the tense scenes. The upcoming season premiere is one of the most awaited ones among HBO serials as people don’t want their favorite show to end so soon. Let’s wait and see what Aaron and team have for us in the basket.

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  • Love this show!!! One of the best TV shows that include politics, alongside with House of Cards.

    • jeff fitzgerald

      when will it be back on me and my wife just started reruns all weekend and cant wait for more

  • wayne R Halverson

    I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE NEW SEASON IS ANNOUNCED. Anyone know the series start date?

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  • Bel_Zoolu

    I agree, it was great, but it’s been cancelled, unfortunately…