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The Mentalist Season 6

The Mentalist Season 6 Premiere Episode

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We know that in fall 2013, season 6 of the popular TV show The Mentalist will start to air on CBS. And we also know that there are only 7 suspect for Red John.

But what we don’t know is that in the first episode of season six, CBS has announced that one of the seven suspect will be eliminated, and only six suspect will remain. We also know for sure that the identity of Red John will be discovered by the end of 2013.

The new season will premiere 2 weeks from now and the series will have its finale in mid 2014.

It has not been confirmed by the production team but some of the cast members and the creators have hinted that this might be last season of the hit series. The Mentalist season 6 premiere episode will air on September 29, the spoilers are buzzing through the network and fans are dying to know what’s going to happen in the premiere episode. The creators have been hinting on a few things to keep up the craze. Top spoilers of the upcoming season premiere include:

The premiere is known as “The Desert Rose”

Every episode of the series is focused on the well known ‘something red’ and we are going to witness more such scenes in the season 6 premiere but the rumor says that it is not going to focus on California this time.

The Mentalist Season 6 Promo Video

Red John chase

According to a recent interview of Robin Tunney, the first chapter of the new season will focus on the Red John chase. The series is going to start off by following the Red John chase and it won’t be like the usual weekly crime updates.

Red John suspect list will be shortened

Even though we will not get to know the real face of Red John, but the creator of the series has stated that name of one of the suspects is going to be washed off the list. The premiere will reveal the identity of this suspect. Also the creator has announced that Patrick Jane is not the badly wanted Red John, so his fans can have a moment of relaxation.

Red John will be caught

At some point in the series, most probably in the ending episodes, either the CBI or Patrick Jane will catch Red John after the long chase. Jane suspects seven people according to his investigation. We are yet to know who the real John is, and if he is one of these seven suspects or not.

Interview with Simon Baker about Season 6

Lauren Stamile as guest star

The gorgeous actress with killer look is going to guest star in the season’s premiere episode. She will be playing the role of the wife of a murder victim. It has still not been declared if she’s going to be the innocent wife or a conniving schemer. But considering the actress’s reputation, we can deduce that the premiere is going to be a great episode.

The series creator has announced that the Red John chase might create some complications in the relationship of Jane and Lisbon. And once Red John is caught, there is a chance that the two will get back together but we don’t know that for sure. The season premiere is just two weeks away and the wait is harder than ever. We have our fingers crossed that the creators have something great for us in the sack and that our long wait is worth it. The Mentalist Season 6 Premiere will clear our doubts and answer some of the questions on September 29th.

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