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The Mentalist Season 6
The Mentalist Season 6

The Mentalist Season 6 Premiere and Air Date

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What is the air date for the 6th season of The Mentalist? Continue reading and you will find the exact date for the premiere of season 6 of this great TV show.

If you watched season 5 finale you will know that Patrick Jane is closer to finding who is Red John. He has a list of seven people that may be Red John. The creator of this TV show has confirmed that this list is real, which means that one of those 7 people is the real Red John.

The air date for season 6 is confirmed. The Mentalist’s season 6 premieres on September 29, 2013.

It’s just a couple of weeks til the season 6 premiere of CBS’s The Mentalist, and fans of the show are on the edge of their seats to see the return of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon.

In the 5th season finale, Jane tells Lisbon that he has narrowed down his suspects from the thousands of possible suspects to just seven.

Now this is definitely big as he is closer than ever to unmasking the notorious serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter. The case tackled in the episode is the gruesome murder of a young mother in a motel, apparently by Red John,  and victim’s baby is missing. What’s special about the case is that the victim is someone who is familiar to Jane, as she is part of a happy memory from his childhood, and this is the very reason why Red John chose the poor woman as his victim.

It has also been revealed that the serial killer knows all 7 people on Jane’s list.

Now, as the premiere nears, fan speculation continues on who Red John is. Is it the leader of Visualize, Bret Stiles? Is it the director of CBI, Gale Bertram? Is it Ray Haffner? FBI Agent Reede Smith is also on the list. So is Homeland Security’s Bob Kirkland, Sheriff McAlliste, and so is CBI forensic investigator Brett Partridge.

CBS has also released some teaser trailers that Red John might have gotten Lisbon and this is definitely something that would shake Jane.  Those two after all has a palpable attraction to each other and I can only imagine how this would shake Jane.

On another note, recent press releases also revealed that two staples of the show will be parting with the show.

Grace Van Pelt, portrayed by Amanda Righetti and Wayne Rigsby, played by Owain Yeoman, are set to leave the show on the 6th season. Van Pelt and Rigsby has an on and off romantic relationship and their story line is set to be tied up on a positive note.

Opposite the departures, there will also be some new characters to be introduced this coming season. Rockmond Dunbar will join The Mentalist as FBI Agent Dennis Abbot. Another character that will be introduced this coming season is FBI Agent Kim Fischer. The role for the latter is still yet to be cast.

So once again, the 6th season premiere is set to air on the 29th of September 2013 on CBS.

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