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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Release Date

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The Big Bang Theory has been making its fans laugh for six years now. The season is now headed off for a 7th season and the premiere release date is set to be 26th of September, 2013. The long awaited one hour premiere of the show’s 7th season is going to catch up with the fans with some laughs, facts and some newly growing bonds. Last season Leonard went away to North Sea for a four months assignment. Now that he is away, Penny and Sheldon are going to bond together.

There has always been cuteness in Penny and Sheldon’s relationship. The way how they care about each other without admitting it face to face is adorable. Now that Leonard isn’t around for Sheldon anymore, we’ll see that he will create a bond with his neighbor Penny. The one hour season premiere is going to focus on Penny and Sheldon’s new strong relationship. In the course of the previous seasons we observed occasional hugs between Sheldon and Penny on some special events. Also Sheldon helped Penny change her shirt when she dislocated her arm. The creators have announced that we’re going to have more Sheldon and Penny moments in the upcoming season premiere.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7

The producers revealed that the fans won’t be seeing much of Amy in the season premiere as she’ll be leaving for a road trip with Bernadette. As far as “Shamy” is concerned, it will keep moving at a snail’s pace, which according to Sheldon is not a slowly advancing relationship. This slow relationship has its own perks and the dialogues between Sheldon and Amy are a great source of entertainment for the fans.

Raj got dumped in the end of the previous season and we’ll see that he is still in mourning over his short term relationship. Poor Raj has never had a real long term relationship with anyone and this is a sad point for him. We’re yet to discover what the producers have for Raj in the box. We’ll get more answers on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 release date. The premiere will bring happy and sad moments for fans and we’ll see how Sheldon and Penny are holding up without Leonard, whom they both love very much. The long wait will be over soon and the fans will have an hour long premiere to quench their thirst. Keep your fingers crossed for a great new episode for a new season’s head start.

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