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The Americans Season 3 Premiere & Start Date

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Will there be a third season of The Americans, if that is the reason why you are here then look no further!

Here you will find the start date of the season 3 and you will also be able to read the most important parts of the first and second season.

About the show “The Americans”:

The Americans is a new spy fiction drama, so far there have been 26 episodes and 2 seasons. The stars of the show are Keri Russel, Maximiliano Hernandez and Matthew Rhys among others. Joe Weisberg is the creator of the show. The pilot was 69 minutes long, an ordinary episodes is between 42 and 50 mins. The show is aired on FX.

Intelligence agents from the Soviet Union pose as a married couple in order to spy on the American government. It’s a great new series with a lot of tense moments.

The Americans debuted on January 30, 2013. It received more than 3 million viewers. The finale of the first season was on May 1, the same year. The first season had 13 episodes. The second season started airing on February 26, 2014. The finale was scheduled for May 21, 2014.

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Season 3 premiere date of “The Americans”:

There has been a confirmation that there will be a third season of this not so popular show.

I has been praised a lot and FX have proved again that they are looking at a long term plan.

The positive part of the show is that the have an age demographic from 18 to 49 year old people.

The third season start date is January 28, 2015 and it will have 13 episodes.

With that information we conclude that the finale should be around May.

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The Americans Season 3 Teaser

Season 1 Recap

The Americans - imagePhillip and Elizabeth Jennings are undercover KGB agents. They find out that their neighbor is an FBI agent assigned to their case.

A secret meeting is held in the Weinberger’s home, Phillip blackmails the maid to put a camera in the clock. Agent Beeman manages to turn a Soviet embassy worker into a mole.

Phillip makes a buy of information, a risky move by him. President Reagan is almost killed, the FBI believes that KGB is behind the attempt, in the meantime KGB is worried that the FBI might think that and it will probably result into a war.

A mole hunt occurs in KGB, The Jennings marriage is in distress. The marriage takes a turn to worse then Phillip is assigned to work with his old flame. German assassin is ordered to kill American scientists, the mission gets canceled.

Phillip and Elizabeth shock their children when they announce to them that they are separating. FBI is looking for the murderer and things start getting out of control, Gregory is ordered to leave for Moscow.

Zhukov gets assassinated in Moscow and Elizabeth after finding out about the murder of her mentor decides to do everything needed to avenge him. Nina confesses spying for the Americans and Phillip gets married to Martha.

Season 2 Recap

The Americans - pictureElizabeth’s first mission after returning from injury was supposed to be easy but turns out to be far more complex than firstly thought.

Phillip investigates the last mission while Elizabeth stays at home protecting her family.

Elizabeth and Phillip complete their mission, harder than expected. Things were supposed to be easy for Phillip and Elizabeth from now on, but an old friends returns to complicate things. They have to complete a mission without the support of the Center.

Phillip tries to clean up the mess from the last mission as he and Elizabeth are assigned a new handler, while Elizabeth tries her best to smooth things up with Martha. A Naval officer becomes the key to the Jennings mission as well as the biggest threat to their family. Nina faces a big threat, she is to face a potential FBI polygraph test.

Stan is trying to get access to an American military program, something that will give him huge advantage with Oleg, meanwhile Phillip and Elizabeth face big surprises when it comes to their missions. Their long missions keep bringing up surprises. Phillip and Annelise start working together because of an international mission.

Phillip searches answers to the new Stealth technology, Elizabeth finds out some shocking things about Kate. Phillip prepares Fred for a crucial mission. Paige and Henry are relocated as their parents face a difficult mission.

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The Americans has received a lot of praise from the critics but still fails to attract a big audinece.

FX is still patient with them, the third season might be crucial so don’t miss it, it is expected to be the best one so far.

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