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Silicon Valley Season 2 Premiere & Release Date

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Will there be a fourth season of Silicon Valley?

If that is the answer you are looking for then you are at the right place, because here you can find more about Silicon Valley season 2 premiere date.

Silicon Valley was created by John Altschuler, Mike Judge and Dave Krinsky. The episodes are 30 minutes long, the first season had 8 episodes and it was broadcasted by HBO.

The stars of the show are Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller and Josh Brener among others.

The setting takes place in the late 1980’s, it is from Judge’s own experience as a Silicon Valley engineer. It’s a time with high-tech gold rush and this show portrays the funny side of it. Hooli is a large Internet company, Richard Hendriks is working there, he is a shy programmer. He is developing a music app called Pied Piper, as it turns out, the app has an revolutionary algorithm and he is instantly offered 4 millions for the app. His life changes over night.

The show premiered on April 06, 2014. The series received a lot of positive acclaim, another jackpot by HBO when it comes to comedy. The finale was on air on June 1, this year.

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More about the second season premiere

Even though we still don’t know the exact date of the premiere, we are aware that it will start airing in spring, 2015.

The show was hugely praised and it is no coincidence that it will continue for at-least one more season.

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Season 1 Recap:

Silicon Valley poster - imageRichard is a shy programmer, often taunted by his superiors, he works at a big Internet company called Hooli. When Hooli finds out that an useless app that Richard has been working on contains the best file compressing algorithm in the world, everything changes.

Not so far has gone by and the word has already spread. Richard is on the verge of the probably most important decision in his life, he is offered 10 millions for his app by the CEO of Hooli, Gavin Belson, on the other hand Peter Gregory, an eccentric billionaire offers him 200.000 dollars.

The decision is simple, he either has to sell the app to the highest bidder or work on it himself and make something out of it. Richard has a panic attack and vomits in the streets, he meets Monica who tells him that she has complete confidence in him and that he has what it takes to make the app successful, after that chat Richard decides to reject the 10 millions he was offered.

Richard starts working with Gregory, after a while he notices the amount of work he has to do in order to satisfy the needs of Peter. Jared Dunn arrives at the incubator asking Richard to work for him, Dunn is Belson’s former PA. Jared gets hired and after evaluating the team, he realizes that the “Big Head” is a mediocre programmer.

Richard is pressed by everyone to let him go, Richard refuses but the “Big Head” decides to take a huge raise at the Hooli where they begin the reversed-engineering of the music app, only it will not be called Pied Piper, the app will have a different name.

Jared and Richard find out that Pied Pepper is already an used name, therefor they are forced to brainstorm new ideas for the name of the product. Richard successfully negotiate with Pied Piper to take their name.

Big Head gets reassigned, Hooli discovers that he knows nothing of how Richard came up with the algorithm. Erlich is assigned as a board director, all that was done by a mistake while Richard was drunk.

Things start to heat up after Hooli announces that the release of Nucleus will take place at the Battlefield, the TechCrunch start-up, a technology conference. Richard gets angry and orders his employees to have a finished demo in 8 weeks, in time for the conference.

Pied Piper is almost done, they only have trouble with the cloud, Richard is pressured by his colleagues to hire a teen specialist in that field. The Carver destroys all of the Piper’s code and the rest of the team are forced to revise all of it.

The team arrives at the Battlefield, the project is not complete and Richard is having troubles concentrating because of the presence of his ex-girlfriend. Erlich realizes that he had an affair with the wife of one of the judges, in an attempt to fix things up, he ends up doing the same thing with his new wife, consequently an all-out brawl occurs at the conference.

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TechCrunch, in an attempt to avoid litigation for the brawl, offers Pied Piper a ticket to the final. The team finds out that they have the same score as the Nucleus but the Hooli’s app has much more new features, which makes it a far better application.

The team goes to their hotel room and decide to get drunk, Richard has a brainwave and deletes all of the features of the Pied Piper app over the night. They end up with a 5.2 compression score. Richard and his team win at the Battlefield, after having a chat with Monica one again, he learns that things will only get harder from now on and vomits again in the dumpster.

The show is trying to show us the funny side of starting up your own business, it’s a great series and one of my favorites already. Cant’t wait for the second season.

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