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Gossip Girl

Top 10 TV Shows Like Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl is a typical show intended for fashion and romance loving young people.

The show won the hearts of teenagers and young adults.

Here are some shows like this one, that will get you addicted just like Gossip Girl did.

List of shows like Gossip Girl

90210 10


A family with two teenage kids moves from Kansas to Beverly Hills and the kids try to adapt to the new lifestyle and the classic drama of the local high that they get enrolled in.

The changes they have to adapt to, and the social drama that they have to deal with when they make friends in the community is worth watching.

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The Vampire Diaries9

The Vampire Diaries

The life of a teenage human girl changes upside down when her parents die in a car crash and she finds herself between vampires, witches and werewolves.

The mystery, drama, romance and action in the series will never let you stop craving for it.



The daughter of an innocent man framed and executed by powerful people changes her identity and moves back to her father’s house to take revenge for his father’s life.

The manipulative scheme and the infiltration make it very exciting.

Pretty Little Liars7

Pretty Little Liars

The show is based on a series of books about four teenage girls who grow their bond tighter after their best friend is killed and the killer threats them for revealing their darkest secrets.

Standing together and living under the threat, the pretty little girls lie to keep themselves safe from their unknown stalker.

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Teen Wolf6

Teen Wolf

A teenage guy is bit by a werewolf, the bite then turns him into one. He has to hide his identity and try to go back to his normal life and adapt to the changes that come with the new personality.

In love with the daughter of a werewolf hunter, he has to remain a lot more careful. The series has romantic drama and the thriller content keeps it interesting.



A young boy and a girl find themselves in the gloomy town of Ravenswood, where everyone is haunted by a death curse after a flood that ruined everything a century back.

The pair finds their won graves in the town graveyard and set to find some answers.

One Tree Hill4

One Tree Hill

The plot of the show portrays the lives of the high school kids of Tree Hill and their way of trying to understand love, life, career and other important things.

Full of events, the show has the ability to make you sad, happy and emotional.

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New Girl3

New Girl

A young, careless woman moves into an apartment with three men after her bad break-up.

The show revolves around the changes that their life undergoes as they try to befriend each other and move on with their life.



Skins is a top rated teen drama based on the life British teens as they try to go through high school life amidst love stories, questionable parental guidance and teachers with inappropriate behavior.

The drama never ends in this series.

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The O.C.1

The O.C.

Much like Gossip Girl, this show revolves around the life of a commoner who gets surrounded by the lives of a group of elite class people in Orange County.

The relationships and friendships make the plot very interesting.

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