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Best TV Shows Like Downton Abbey

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Downton Abbey has impacted a lot of people and its fandom is increasing day by day.

The story-line is amazing and to add to that, the dresses, the settings of the earlier 20th century and the accents work wonders.

If you love this show, here are some shows like Downton Abbey that you are likely to enjoy.

Top 10 Shows Like Pretty Little Liars

North and South10

North And South

North and South is a British miniseries set in the 19th century.

A softhearted young woman moves to the North of the England where she has conflict about the standard of life of mill workers and her attraction towards the rich mill owner. The story of their unspoken love is amazing.

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Sense And Sensibility9

Sense And Sensibility

This is a series based on the novel of same name by Jane Austen.

It is an adaptation of the classic works of Jane Austen and makes you want to sink into the romantic depiction of the era.

Pride and Prejudice8

Pride And Prejudice

It’s an amazing adaption of Jane Austen’s depiction of the prejudice among classes that occurred in the earlier 20th century and the amount of pride that would urge lovers to hide their feelings and keep apart from each other.

Wives and Daughters7

Wives And Daughters

The life of a young town girl changes when her father, her only parent decides to remarry and leaves her to cope with the unwanted step mother while she tries to explore the possibilities of finding love in her life.

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The Forsyte Saga6

The Forsyte Saga

The Forsyte saga is the story of the lives of three generations of the Forsyte family that lived in England from 1870s till 1920s.

The complications in the family tree and their attempt to keep their empire together is a must watch.

House of Eliott5

The House Of Eliot

After the death of their father and the sole bread earner of the family, the Eliot sisters are forced to sell their house to clear the debt in their father’s name.

Their attempt at survival by trying to find ways for earning money keeps the series going.

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Duchess of Duke Street4

Duchess Of Duke Street

The story is a loose adaptation of a woman who made her way from a servant to a duchess, a famous cook in the premises of the Duke Street, hence earned the name.

Duchess Of Duke Street is interesting TV show, that originally aired in 1976. It is similar to Downton Abbey in a lot of ways.



It is an amazing depiction of the life and its chronicles set in the start of the industrial era.

The love interests, the lives and the complications in the fictional town of Middlemarch make it a good watch.

Gosford Park2

Gosford Park

Gosford Park is a mystery set in the earlier days and the story-line is pretty intriguing and makes you want to keep watching it till you know the end of the amazing story.

Bleak House1

Bleak House

This TV show is a loose adaptation of a novel of Charles Dickens, written about the injustices in the legal system of the 19th century.

It is a mix of suspense and thrill. Bleak House is a costume drama that you need to watch, mostly because it’s a great TV show that is set in a place and period like Downton Abbey.

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  • I also recommend The Mill. It is a period drama from the UK, and focuses on the workers of the textile mill in Quarry Bank. Highly recommend if you like period shows!