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Shameless Season 4 Premiere & Air Date

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Earlier this summer Shameless got its fans excited by the announcement of a fourth season. Shameless season 4 premiere and air date is announced to be on January 12th, 2014.

January is going to bring the joy of a whole new season to the series’ fans. The season 3 finale was a success and fans are excited to watch new episodes, to see where the characters go and how it proceeds. The production has made some changes in the show however. In fact some of these changes are going to be shocking for the fans. The premiere will decide if the fans are going to like these changes or not.

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Most surprising thing about the new season is that Jimmy won’t be returning on screen for the new season. As much as the fans liked him since day 1, his Shameless days are over. He was Fiona’s love interest from the pilot episode of the series and he has been one of the popular characters since but now the production has announced that he will not be making an appearance on the upcoming season.

The fans are sure going to miss him as they won’t get a chance to goodbye to his character. However a representative of the production team has recently added that they might be bringing Jimmy for one or two episodes.

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The comedy series has survived three seasons without damaging its fandom. In fact on Showtime, Shameless is the best performing first year drama. From the very first moment it gathered positive reviews from fans and from critics. The compelling story has kept it going and that’s why the announcement of a new season was a source of pure joy for the viewers as they are dying to see what’s next on their favorite TV drama.

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Among the shows since 2011, Shameless is on the top ten list and with the announcement of Shameless season 4 premiere and air date in January next year, the show is causing more buzz on the internet. The production team is leaking the storyline and the teasers will be released soon to give the viewers a little something to hold on to until the premiere is aired.

It is hard to wait until January 12 to see what the producers have in stock for us and how the story will proceed. The fans have their fingers crossed for an amazing upcoming season that will run on air during the first half of year 2014.

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