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Scandal Season 3

Scandal Season 3 Start Date

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Scandal season 3 premiere is set to air on October 3rd and the series will be returning for a full new season full of surprises for the fans. The series casts Emmy nominees and the talented cast made it a huge success. The hot story revolves around the forbidden romance which makes it so appealing. And the characters of Olivia Pope and Fitz have no match. The story has been tailored to their personalities so well it even feels real. Now that the date for Scandal season 3 premiere has been announced, suddenly October seems so far away.

The promo of the season premiere has been released and the title for the premiere is ‘the storm is coming’. Keeping this title in mind, the producers have also revealed the images of a special photo shoot that was themed on the title. The title aptly suits the situation considering the fact that their secret affair was leaked in the season 2 finale. This is not good news and the cast really does need a backup plan to cope with the upcoming dilemma that can ruin their lives and careers. With such a bomb shell upon their head, they need all the shelter they can get to survive in this storm.

The actor playing the President stated that the revelation will shake the White House and Fitz needs to regain the attention. A stabilizing force is utterly needed right now to put him out of trouble for what he has done for love. In most cases people run head over heels if such a situation occurs but Fitz is holding it together and he is trying to keep his calm face while he thinks of ways to get out of the mess that’s been spilled out.

Producers have been spilling out facts one by one about the upcoming premiere. The creator Shonda Rhimes said that the new season is going to be full of surprises and shocks for the audience. Fans will also get answers to some of their questions and some new surprises are going to charm the viewers. Also some new cast members have been added to the list for the new season. Among the most popular ones, Lisa Kudrow has signed up for the show’s third season. The details and the on screen duration of her character are still unknown but it is believed that she will play the role of a politician. With the new addition in cast and the story twist, the season premiere is going to attract a lot of more viewers.

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