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Rick and Morty Recap Seasons 1 and 2

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Rick and Morty Recap, Seasons 1 and 2

The series follows Morty, an anxious, insecure teen, and his recently returned grandfather Rick, an aggressive, alcoholic scientist.  The show plays on the theory that there are infinite universes, and Rick has created a device that allows him to jump into alternate universes whenever he wants.  Because of this, the two end up on all sorts of adventures. Halfway through the newest season of one of Adult Swim’s most popular animated series, let’s take a look at where the show is going.

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Season 1:

In the early episodes of season one, the show was entertaining to watch, but was pretty much exactly what you’d expect.  Although Rick and Morty go on these adventures together, they fight incessantly, and Morty almost always vows never to help Rick again.  Rick antagonizes nearly every person around him, almost to a point where you don’t want to root for him anymore.

Eventually, the writers humanized Rick, showing sides of him that were more vulnerable and relatable, and it changed the entire show.  Other characters that originally seemed less important suddenly became vital to the show.  For example, a key element of the show is that Morty’s parents, Gerry and Beth, are unhappy with their lives.  Beth got pregnant at a young age and blames Gerry for her not being able to live her life the way she wanted.  At first, it’s only a small part of the show, but in the episode “Rixty Minutes”, the show puts a bigger focus on it, and deals with their relationship in a very serious way.


Season 2:

The way the show changed from the beginning of Season 1 to the later episodes is similar to the changes made in Season 2.  Nearly every episode has a very serious aspect, be it Rick dealing with his loneliness or Morty having to do things he never thought were morally right.  The only difference now is that instead of having a few episodes which are very serious, they now have a short piece toward the end of each episode.  The show is still hilarious, when suddenly the writers drop a bomb on you and make you think about your own life.

While the show has been a hit and a personal favorite since Season 1, it has really grown into something worthwhile, and something that will make you laugh, even though it makes you take a serious look at the world around you.  Viewers will walk away with much more than they expected.

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