Heroes Reborn Review


Heroes Reborn Review Back in 2006, a man by the name of Tim Kring created what you could easily oversimplify as “X-men for TV,” a show that serialized people being born with superpowers and how they have to deal with ...

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New Direction for Arrow Season Four


A New Direction for Arrow Season Four? Season three of the hit CW TV show Arrow was a strange bird indeed. While the show has always leaned towards the darker side of things this particular season went a little farther ...

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Rick and Morty Recap Seasons 1 and 2


Rick and Morty Recap, Seasons 1 and 2 The series follows Morty, an anxious, insecure teen, and his recently returned grandfather Rick, an aggressive, alcoholic scientist.  The show plays on the theory that there are infinite universes, and Rick has ...

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Battlestar Galactica Review (Season 1-4)

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is American Sci-Fi drama that is a remake of the 1978 series with the same name. This very popular science fiction TV show has 4 seasons, which I will review separately. But first, let me say something about ...

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