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Renewed TV Shows in 2014

Renewed Upcoming TV Shows in 2014

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The 2013/14 season is rather busy, with lots of great shows hitting the market and with even more great shows coming back.

We might not be able to see it all, so here’s a selection of it.

This are some of the renewed TV shows that are coming with a new season in 2014.

Renewed Upcoming TV Shows in 2014



Shameless is a comedy/drama TV series which aired for the first time on Showtime on January 9, 2011. We are introduced to the Gallaghers, a truly dysfunctional family, dominated by Frank Gallagher, a single mostly drunk father of six children.

Their mother walked on them a long time ago, forcing them to adapt as better as they could. Dad got into alcohol, leaving the kids to take care of them by themselves.

The fun part is how they ended up: Fiona is the oldest and the responsible one, Philip trades his knowledge in physics for sex, Ian, the middle one is gay, Debbie is plundering in her UNICEF collection, Carl is ten years old and a growing sociopath and a pyromaniac and least, but no last Liam, the toddler who might be black. The show was nominated three times for Primetime Emmys and is due to air its forth season on January 12, 2014.



Californication is a drama/comedy TV series that revolves around Hank Moody, a writer tormented by his inner monsters. After he moves to California, he suffers a creativity blockage, which only hardens the relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Karen and his daughter Becca.

He is torn apart between his dark side, which involves drugs, sex and alcohol abuse and his bright side, which is his burning desire to be good for his girls, to support them and to stay faithful.

It was created by Tom Kapinos and originally aired on August 13, 2007 on Showtime. The series won one Emmy Award and one Globe Award and his seventh season is due to start in 2014.



Castle is a crime/drama TV series that introduces us to Richard Castle, a successful mystery novelist whom is granted permission to shadow the NYPD Homicide Detective Kate Becket as research for his new book.

The series progresses whilst the two of them develop feeling for each other and not only do they help solve the homicides in New York City, but also the unresolved murder case of Becket’s mother. The show premiered on March 9, 2009 on ABC and starting with 2014 it will debut the 6th season.

It had been nominated on Satellite Award and Primetime Emmys and had won Prism Award and TV Guide award.

Da Vinci's Demons

Da Vinci’s Demons

Da Vinci’s Demons is drama series that’s about a fictional Leonardo Da Vinci as a young inventor and artist. Unable to restrain himself within the boundaries of his own reality and time, he starts to see and invents the future.

This TV show includes a lot of the real Da Vinci’s invention. The series was nominated on Primetime Emmys. The show is developed by BBC’s Adjacent Productions. A second season will start in 2014.

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is a crime television drama created for Showtime by Ann Biderman that premiered in 2013, on June 30th. Lawyer at Goldman & Drexler in Los Angeles, Ray can make anyone’s problems vanish as long as they are rich and famous.

But when his father, Michael Donovan is released from prison, he finds himself struggling to solve the complications and disputes that appear among his family. With a second season to air in 2014, the show had already been honored with Critics Choice Television Award for Most Exciting New Series.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is an American mystery/thriller TV series that aired on June 8, 2010 on ABC Family and is based on the well-known novels written by Sara Shepard.

The series unfolds the lives of four teenage girls that dramatically changed after their friend, Allison DiLaurentis who had been missing for a year is found dead. United against an anonymous antagonist that threatens to expose their secrets, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields and Hanna Marin are left to unfold the truth behind Allison’s disappearance.

The show was nominated two times on GLAAD Media Award and won Teen Choice Award’s Summer Choice for 3 years running. In 2014, the show will premiere its 5th season.

Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth is a drama TV series telling the story of two teenagers who discover that they were changed at birth. While Bay Kennish grew up in an affluent family with two parents and a brother, Daphne Vasquez was raised by a single mother, in an impoverished neighborhood.

To add up, Daphne had also gone deaf after having meningitis as a child. The families meet and have no choice but learn to live with each other. The show is the first one to have scenes shot entirely in ASL and deaf actors as regulars.

It premiered on ABC Family on June 6th, 2011 and a 3rd season will start in 2014. The series won Peabody Award and TCA Award.

Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue is Canadian police/drama TV show that premiered in 2010. The show follows the life of 5 rookies that just graduated from the police academy as they take on the cop life, so different than what they had expected.

At the same time, Andy McNally, Dov Epstein, Traci Nash, Chris Diaz and Gail Peck have to deal with love and family issues. The show had been nominated on Prism Award, Canadian Screen Award and Leo, having its 4th season premiere in 2014.

Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy is a comedy TV series which was made known to the public on ABC Family on 20 of June 2012. Ben, a regular mid-twenties guy wakes up one day with a baby girl on his doorstep, left there by his ex-girlfriend.

He has no clue about how to handle the situation, so he seeks help to his brother Danny, his friend Tucker, his mother Bonnie and his female friend Riley, who is having a crush on him. The series was nominated seven times on Teen Choice Awards and it is programmed to run its third season in 2014.

House of- Lies

House of Lies

House of Lies is a comedy and drama TV show which had the premiere on Showtime in 2012. The show’s about a group of management consultants.

They are caustic, malicious, dishonest and they do not give way to nothing in their constant racing to find the information that the clients requested. The show won one Globe Award and it’s set to air its third season in 2014.

What is your favorite TV shows that is airing right now? Tell us in the comments below.

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