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Ray Donovan Season 3 Premiere & Release Date

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Will there be season 3 of Ray Donovan? Here you can find out when is the Ray Donovan season 3 premiere!

Ray Donovan is a fairly new series, it started airing last year. The first two seasons have already been on air, so far there have been 24 episodes, 12 in each season.

Ray Donovan is a crime drama created by Ann Biderman, an episode runs between 45 and 60 mins. The star of the show is Liev Schreiber.

Meet Ray Donovan, when you have a problem, he is the man you look for. Ray is what some would call, a “fixer”. He works for a law firm called Goldman & Drexler. The setting of the series takes place in LA, California. The problems for Ray begin when his father gets released from prison, it seems that he is able to fix anyone’s problems except for the ones created by his family.

The premiere of the show was on June 30, 2013. It broke the record on Showtime, becoming a pilot with the most viewers. The reception from the premiere and the first seasons altogether was positive.

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More about Ray Donovan season 3 premiere:

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The critics loved the performance of Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan. The finale of the first season was aired on September 22, 2013.

The second seasons was positive as well, it premiered on June 13, 2014, the big finale was on September 28, 2014.

For the work so far, the series received few awards and nominations.

Showtime has announced that there will be a third season of this blockbuster series, the production will start early next year, it will have 12 episodes as in the first and the second season, expect it to premiere and have it’s big finale in June and September respectively.

Ray Donovan has 5 million viewers per episodes which is a great number so this show is expected to last.

Season 1 Recap:

ray donovan tv show posterRay is a “fixer”, he has two brothers who depend on him, a wife that wants to live in Beverley Hills and a father who got released early from prison and is headed towards California to seek revenge.

Terry and Bunchy are Ray’s brothers, the latter is an alcoholic while Terry owns a a gym.

Ray also finds out that he has a half brother as well, Marvin. Terry and Bunch knew this for ten years and decided finally to introduce them. Micky.

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Season 2 Recap:

Season 2 begins with a lot of trouble for Ray and his family, an FBI agent learns that Ray and Micky are involved in the murder of Sully Sullivan, he orders Ray to bring his father in, Micky on the other hand is in Mexico and is not eager to return. Ray successfully convinces his father come back to LA, a reporter starts investigating in Sully’s death.

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Micky starts working in a Mexican restaurant. Cochran is the one who interrogates Micky, Ray finds out some interesting facts about Cochran. The family comes together on Conor’s birthday and things were not calm. Ray starts making plans if he gets arrested, Micky on the other hand failed in his heist, Micky starts working on a new plan while Abby is torn between Ray and Jim.

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I really like Ray as a character, he reminds me of Tony Soprano, a dark, dangerous man who would kill anyone who decides to cross him but at the same time he is kind and nurturing to the ones that he loves.

There is this one scene where he shows how violent he can get if you cross him, it’s quite chilling.

I like the supporting characters as well, especially Jon Voigt’s who plays Micky Donovan, Ray’s father.

From the first episode you saw their conflict and what is considerably good about this show is that it started with a BANG, most series start quietly and as it develops, it gets better and better but not with Ray Donovan, if you haven’t watched the show then just watch the pilot and you will be convinced that this is a great show. Can’t wait for the release of the third season!

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