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Ray Donovan Season 2

Ray Donovan Season 2 Premiere & Release Date

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Ray Donovan’s season 1 (click here to buy the DVD on Amazon) finale was aired in the end of September this year. The series broke many records during its first few episodes and has been able to generate a lot of buzz on the internet.

Among the TV shows of Showtime, it is one of the most popular ones that have gathered a lot of fans in the span of its premiere season.

The series was announced for a second season earlier this summer in July(2013), which is not that surprising considering the acclaim the series received in its early days.

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Ray Donovan season 2 premiere date has not been announced by Showtime yet but it is expected to air in summer 2014(update: premiere date is July 13 at 9 p.m.). Ray Donovan’s premiere was the highest rated series debut ever on Showtime. In fact it gathered 25% more audience than Homeland was able to gather. This gave the producers a solid reason to continue the series for a second season.

ray donovan second season

The ratings of this show have been continuously improving since its first episode. The number of viewers increased from 1.35 million to 1.56 million in just one week. The lead star Liev Schreiber has done a great job as the LA fixer. His has been one tough role but he has managed to perform with integrity and his acting is worthwhile.

The show will renew for a new season next year and the Network President has very positive thoughts about it. He stated that Ray Donovan is one of Showtime’s most popular shows that have gained so much fame in its first year. the producers and their talented team has done a great job in making it a huge success without many negative reviews, in fact the show has received positive acclaim from the critics as well.

Even though the exact Ray Donovan season 2 release date has not been announced but it won’t be wrong to believe that the show will go on air next summer considering it performed very well during its season premiere in summer 2013.

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Up till now, no new guest cast has been made public but since season 2 premiere has a lot of time to stir the viewers, the producers will keep leaking teasers to the audience to keep them excited for the new season of the series.

Show’s thrilling story combined with the bets ensemble cast makes it one of those appealing shows you just can’t wait for.

Still we have a whole winter to wait for the upcoming season premiere for Ray Donovan.

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  • TPm

    come on are you serious that is a goo dang on show

  • jimnfl

    Thought I’d hate this show… but it ended up being pretty awesome. Can’t wait for season 2.

  • Leslie

    This really is a great show! Not as good as the Black list but it sure has potential to beat it soon. Ready for the season 2 to see what happens next!

  • Steve ‘Mazgul’ Maz

    Need season 2 !

  • Johnson

    THE BEST !!! I watched Ep#1 on a hunch one morning that I couldn’t sleep … I GOT HOOKED!!! (then I REALLY couldn’t sleep) … i am anticipating season#2 and can’t wait for this summer for it … SHOtime, you have a winner … and … while i don’t care too much for Voight – he puts in an excellent performance – my favorite part is after he came back to the gym when he should have been dead and he and Ray are face-to-face and he says to Ray: “What did YOU do”? (to me) that was a very moving scene … great work you guys …

    • Ted Arndt

      I think you might not like Voight’s politics. His acting chops are huge. Check out his stuff.

      • Paravet93

        Who cares about his politics? He puts in a great performance, thats all that matters.

      • grollvicki

        Politics exactly. My kond a show….ballsy

  • Heidijo123

    Best show on Showtime !!!!! JMO 🙂

  • Lucinda Taylor-Barnes

    I Love this show!! Still have the episodes in my DVR. Looking forward to Season 2.

  • pk61

    For me, this is (along w/Boardwalk Empire on HBO) the best show since The Sopranos ended. Liev Schreiber is fantastic is the title role. Might be the best work of Jon Voight’s career. Perfectly cast, great writing, great direction. Really looking forward to its return this summer!

  • GameWads

    Love this show! Can’t wait for Season 2 to begin, great list of actors. I got hooked on episode 2, a little slow start, but absolutely an amazing show and is a must watch show on my list. Ray Donovan is one of the most bad ass SOB’s we’ve seen on TV in a long long while, on par to be as bad ass as Walter White (only imo) -www.gamewads.com

  • Crystal Clark

    I can’t wait any longer!!!!! Need season two now !!!!!

  • Eunice Garcia

    We need more details on season 2!!!!! and Liev is the sexiest ever!!! i am in love,,,,,

  • ballen1133

    Really liking Ray Donovan and looking forward to Season 2. Great job Showtime!

  • Sue Shapley

    Im hooked..lov it..ck out banshee n shameless also

  • Samuel S. Macon

    All in all this is one of the best shows on t.v. period. The ending was set up perfectly to kick of a great season 2.

  • jjthejetplane

    I watched on Showtime Anytime. Easy to binge watch the whole season on my phone. I give it a 9 out of 10.

  • Rogelio Salas Jr

    I really wanted to see the show when it was advertised before it premiered but life got in the way and I forgot all about it. I found it on my on-demand menu night before lost and I have since watched the entire season. I am sooooo hooked! No surprise that here I am today wanting to find out when season 2 airs.

  • M. Hamilton Stevens

    I love the show even though I hate Jon Voight as a human being….the role is perfect for him.

  • Dianewe

    Love Ray Donvovan… Whitey Bulger probably loved it .

  • Kathy Mora


  • Herb

    I can’t believe how many libtards there are on this site that think Jon Voight is a bad human being because he’s a conservative. Amazing how many “shit-for-brains” people are out there…


    Saw the first episode can’t believe I never heard of this, great show, but I also just saw a few episodes of wolf lake and loved it too, needs to comeback need a better writer though.

  • Rich Norris

    Now that its a hit it will go away in its place another crappy reality show about dogs sniffing each other