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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Premiere

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Pretty Little Liars has kept us thrilled for over 3 years. Currently the fourth season of this show is on air and the fans are much more excited.

The TV show adaptation of the book series has been very successful in gaining quite a huge number of fans.

After the finale of the third season, the producers announced that there is going to be a fifth season as well and A is going to keep on tormenting the pretty little liars of Rose Wood. Everyone is excited about the new season as the fourth season continues to surprise the viewers.

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The antagonist ‘A’ of the series has been making the lives of liars miserable all along. In the finale of season 2, the viewers were relieved to know that A has finally been unmasked. However 3rd season brought a new surprise that there was another A out there, trying to mess with the girls.

It caught the attention of the fans and they were once more curious to know who this A was. As the series proceeded, Spencer and Toby were also revealed as a part of A team, which was later clarified that they did that to protect their friends. Season 4 continued and gave hints that Cece Drake might be A and she was exposed as Red Coat recently.

pretty little liars season 5

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The most shocking revelation to date during the tenure of the season is the mid season finale of 4th season, which showed us that the charming Ezra Fitz is the real A! Tweets about this recent revelation have gone viral and fans are surprised to discover that Aria’s sexy teacher is the A threatening her and her friends.

It has also been confirmed that Alison is still alive. As the season proceeds, we’ll learn more facts about A and why Alison had to remain in hiding.

Season 5 will bring new answers for the liars and we’ll get to know the motive behind Ezra’s threatening games. The announcement in March about a new season made all the fans excited and now that Ezra is A, we have our fingers crossed that the next season is going to be a huge success as everyone wants to know why the sweet guy with hot looks is involved in something so dark that can harm our pretty liars.

New season will have answers for the liars. Season 5 will air in the summer of 2014 (probably June). Also the fans that have heads filled up with burning questions will get some peace of mind when finally the truth will be unleashed.

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