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Parks and Recreation Season 6

Parks and Recreation Season 6 Premiere & Air Date

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Parks and Recreations has been entertaining its fans for 5 years. A sixth season for the comedy series was announced earlier this year.

For 5 years the lead cast has done a great job and it is expected that the upcoming season will also surpass everyone’s expectations and the series will maintain its awesomeness for a whole new season. Parks and Recreations season 6 premiere air date is set to be September 26th. The one hour long premiere is going to attract a lot of viewers who have been waiting for the series for a long time. The hour long episode is going to be a relief for many.

Ron Swanson in London

With the season premiere less than 2 weeks away, the production team has been spilling out spicy spoilers for the premiere. The producers have released the promo which includes the guest star Heidi Klum who is expected to play the role of a town’s mayor. She is going to join Leslie in London. The guest star is going to appear on the hour long premiere and she isn’t going to be very friendly to Leslie. Her character’s confidence is immaculate as per the promo and the actress revealed that it was a daunting one to accept. According to the cast, she has made a very good effort in depicting her character in the show.

The above description makes the London experience sound boring but it’s not like that. The London episode isn’t as serious as the media is taking it. The producers have maintained a fine touch of humor in the series keeping in mind the demand of the fans. Also the patch ups and break ups will be a part of the upcoming season. It was announced that Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones will leave the series during the course of the sixth season so they are bound to part ways somewhere in the early proceedings of the season.

The season promo has revealed many perfect moments and it won’t be a bad idea to assume that the premiere is going to be exciting. Over its course of five years, the show has never disappointed its fans, if anything it has improved. Keeping its score record in mind, we have our fingers crossed that the new season will be full of hope. Parks and Recreations season 5 premiere air date is approaching and within a few days the whole episode will be on air, answering the fans and making their Thursday jolly again.

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