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Orphan Black Season 2

Orphan Black Season 2 Premiere & Air Date

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The critically acclaimed series Orphan Black was announced for a season 2 that will premiere next year.

The TV show gathered a lot of fans in its first year and it is one of the most acclaimed series of the modern era. The newcomer series managed to get a huge audience that appreciated the efforts of the producers. The first season of the series left at a cliffhanger and the fans are enthusiastically looking forward to a new season to get some answers.

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The breathtaking series is said to make its ways back to the TV in the spring of 2014 (19 April 2014 to be exact).

Orphan Black Season 2 Trailer

The show gained a lot of attention mainly due to the star Tatiana Maslany who carried out multiple roles with efficiency and left the fans amazed. The actress made her way to the Critics’ Choice Award. She played different roles with such ease that it was hard to believe it was the same woman showing different traits. Her Emmy deserving performance left the audience dazed. The fans were shocked when she didn’t receive an Emmy for her performance. Even if she didn’t get the award, the actress received positive responses from the viewers owing to her outstanding performance in the series.

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And that’s not all about Orphan Black. The finale included the Supreme Court ruling that did not work in the favor of patenting human DNA but did approve the patent for synthetic DNA. Since the series is based on cloning human DNA, this ruling will certainly affect the upcoming premiere.

The creators claim that they are still in the writing process so they cannot reveal any information in this regard as it is subject to change. However we still have Sara Manning and her clones and as the finale revealed, they will be visiting places next season.

The creators are still exploring what Sara and her clone sisters can do and how to handle them. A lot of mysteries are yet to be revealed and we don’t know the answers to them. Since Orphan Black Season 2 premiere and air date is in April 2014, the producers still have a lot of time to plan new things and to come up with creative answers for some of our questions. The first season of the series was fascinating and thrilling, and it will be good faith to hope that the producers have something good cooked up for the second season to keep the fans close.

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