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Best New TV Shows in 2014

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Everybody loves new shows, and 2014 was a great year when it came to that. We might not keep up with all of them as they hit the screen, so here’s a selection of the best new TV shows in 2014.

Black Sails TV Show10

Black Sails

Black Sails is a forthcoming drama TV show developed for Starz by Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine. Premiering in January 1, 2014, it tells the story of Captain Flint and his pirates, 20 years ahead Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, “Treasure Island”.

Because of the positive fans’ reaction at the San Diego Comic-Con, the series was early renewed for a 10 episode second season. The main character will be played by Toby Stephens.

Wayward Pines9

Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines is a drama thriller TV series created by Chad Hodge, which will premiere in 2014 on FOX channel. The show follows Ethan Burke, played by Matt Dillon, a Secret Service agent that came in the rustic town of Wayward Pines, Idaho with a quest to find two missing federal agents.

Soon, he realizes that there is something odd about this town and, the closer he gets to unfold the truth, the further he goes from his life as a husband and a father. As Ethan’s investigations raise more and more questions, he ought to face the ghastly fact that he may never leave Wayward Pines alive.

The Leftovers TV Series8

The Leftovers

The Leftovers is an upcoming drama series that will premiere in 2014 on HBO. It revolves around a Rapture and a group of people who are left behind in Mapleton’s suburban community.

The community was profoundly devastated after 100 people inexplicably vanish, the remaining one having to rebuild their lives. The series is based on a novel with the same name written by Tom Perrotta whom, alongside Damon Lindelof, have created the show.

The series stars Ann Dowd, Carrie Coon, Justin Theroux, Liv Tyler and Christopher Eccleston.

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The Black Box TV Series7

The Black Box

The Black Box is a drama TV series that introduces us to Elizabeth Black, played by Kelly Reilly, a famous neuroscientist working at the Center for Neurological Research and Treatment.

The fact that Elizabeth fights a mental illness is just one of many secrets that she hides from her family and fiancé. The series created by Amy Holden Jones will air in 2014 on ABC.

Outlander TV Show6


Outlander  is a drama TV series that Ronald D. Moore created having as source of inspiration the novels with the same name written by Diana Gabaldon. The show tells the story of a married combat nurse from 1945, Claire Randall who inexplicably turns back in time, in 1743, finding herself in a different world, where her life is endangered.

Forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a brave and sentimental young Scottish warrior, a passionate liaison aflame rips Claire’s heart between two extremely dissimilar men in two antagonistic lives. The show will premiere in 2014 on Starz channel. To this point, only Sam Heughan has been casted in the role of Jamie Fraser.

True Detective TV Show5

True Detective

True Detective is a drama TV series starring Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey, Michelle Monaghan, Elizabeth Reaser and Alexandra Daddario.

Created by Nic Pizzolatto for HBO, the show introduces Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, two detectives that for over 17 years had been hunting a serial killer in Louisiana. The series will premiere in January 12, 2014.

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Chasing Life TV Show4

Chasing Life

Chasing Life is a drama series adapted from the successful Televisa Spanish language Mexican TV series and is co-produced by Lionsgate, BV Family Production and Televisa in association with ABC Family.

The show tells the story of April, an ambitious and eager journalist who is trying to impress the Boston newspaper obstinate editor. While attempting to make a career and take care of her rebellious sister, Brenna, her widowed mom Sara and her grandmother, April gets the overwhelming news that she has cancer.

The show will premiere in early 2014 and will star Italia Ricci, Haley Ramm and Mary Page Keller.



Crossbones is an upcoming television drama set to air in 2014 on NBC Network. The show, created by Neil Cross, is set in 1700 and introduces us to a transposed life of the legendary and notorious pirate Edward “Blackbeard” Teach as he stirs his way around New Providence, a place of piracy, theft and criminals.

Although his ideas and involvement in this society are admired, the pirate will have to fight to stay on the throne.  Blackbeard will be played by John Malkovich.



Intelligence is an action/adventure TV series based on the novel Dissident by John Dixon. The show follows a high-tech intelligence operative, Gabriel Black, that has a microchip inoculate in his brain.

Provided with the technology and skills necessary to find anything and anyone, he is assigned a Secret Service agent whose job is to make sure Black doesn’t get in trouble or even worse, to fall in the enemy’s hands.

Adapted to television by Michael Seitzman, the show is expected to premiere on January 7, 2014 on CBS, the main character being played by Josh Holloway.

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Helix TV Show1


Helix is a science fiction thriller that will air starting with January 10, 2014. The show follows a team of scientists played by Jordan Hayes and Neil Napier who work at the Centers for Disease Control.

They are sent to a research facility in Arctic. Looking into a possible disease outbreak, they unravel a life or death situation that could establish the future of mankind.

Produced by Ronald D. Moore, Lynda Obst, Steven Maeda and Cameron Porsandeh, the show will run on Sci Fi channel.

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  • tony tan

    Who the hell writes these articles. True Detective is one of the greatest TV DRAMAS of all time.

  • Guest

    is the game of thrones on hbo considered a tv series??

    • Season 4 of Game of Thrones doesn’t qualify as a NEW show.
      Even if it’s the best season yet.

  • They seriously missed the boat on a lot of these. Intelligence is basically Sawyer from LOST with Google Glasses, Helix is apparently about scientists too dumb to fight zombies, Chasing Life is ‘clunky’ and ‘right at home on ABC Family’ (from reviews) and let’s not forget that The Black Box got a laughable 25% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.
    Of the shows on this list, there are three that could be listed as ‘New Shows worth watching in 2014’ and the others belong on a ‘Worst New Shows of 2014’ list.