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New Girl Season 3 Premiere

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We’re just hours away from the season 3 premiere of Fox’s New Girl and boy am I at the edge of my seat, waiting to see what happens with Jess, Nick, and the rest of the gang.

Season 2 ended on a good note for Jess and Nick with the two finally getting together despite each of their idiosyncrasies. I think this is definitely a good thing since it was very apparent since the first season that there was something going on between those two. Their being together opens a lot of possibilities since they are so fundamentally different that they balance each other out, and at the same time it could still be the source of friction.

Schmidt, the ever lovable douche-bag on the other hand is not faring so well. He now has to choose between Cece, who called off her wedding for him, and Elizabeth, his current girlfriend who knocked him a couple of pegs down from his douche pedestal. Now this is a very legitimate love triangle I think. Both this girls makes Schmidt a better man and I can’t wait to watch how this will unfold in season 3.

Okay so what do we know about the upcoming third season? We know that Damon Wayans Jr. will be reprising his role as Coach, which is definitely a big plus on my books. He was supposed to be a regular cast member of the show but was forced to leave the show after the pilot when ABC’s Happy Endings was renewed for a second season. I’m not sure if he will become a regular cast member but I did like what I saw in his very brief stint on the show. He’s intense, and kinda clueless with women and would be glad to see what he can bring to the loft.

We also know that Jess’ sister will be making an appearance, serving as a foil for Nick and Jess’s relationship. The show is still pretty mum on who will be playing the trouble-making sister.

Now I want to talk about Winston. I think there is a lot of room that can be explored for this character. For me, I think he is usually the voice of reason in the gang unless a prank is involved. Then, he fills up the weird quotient spectacularly. Schmidt is just too, well, Schmidt. Nick can fill the role if he’s not being his grumpy, pessimistic self.  I like the brief interactions between him and his current girlfriend Daisy, played by Brenda Song, and would love to see more of them.

Season 3 of New Girl is set to air on the 17th of September.

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