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2016 X-Factor’s Irina Dedyuk Leaves Simon Cowell Speechless

Irina 2

Irina Dedyuk, a candidate in this year’s X-Factor, has just done the impossible; her powerful audition has actually left the outspoken Simon Cowell speechless. The Girl Behind the Performance ITV/ Thames/ Sysco Entertainmen Irina Dedyuk flew all the way from ...

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Heroes Reborn Review


Heroes Reborn Review Back in 2006, a man by the name of Tim Kring created what you could easily oversimplify as “X-men for TV,” a show that serialized people being born with superpowers and how they have to deal with ...

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New Direction for Arrow Season Four


A New Direction for Arrow Season Four? Season three of the hit CW TV show Arrow was a strange bird indeed. While the show has always leaned towards the darker side of things this particular season went a little farther ...

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Fear the Walking Dead Pilot


Fear the Walking Dead Pilot Review “The Walking Dead” is one of the greatest television shows ever crafted; that’s more than just an opinion, it’s becoming more factual with each record shattering season that premieres as more and more people ...

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Rick and Morty Recap Seasons 1 and 2


Rick and Morty Recap, Seasons 1 and 2 The series follows Morty, an anxious, insecure teen, and his recently returned grandfather Rick, an aggressive, alcoholic scientist.  The show plays on the theory that there are infinite universes, and Rick has ...

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Review The Flash Season 1


The Flash Season 1 I wasn’t too excited when I heard the news that The Flash was getting its own TV show. This has less to do with the memories of the horrid 1990 series and more to do with simply ...

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TV Shows Like Lost

lost tv show

In this list we will take a look at the top 10 TV shows most identical to Lost. There are a lot of great shows, many created by the creators of Lost, some you might be familiar with, others maybe ...

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Top 20 New Fall TV Shows 2014

new fall tv shows 2014

Howdy fellow searchers of new exciting series, this is a list of the most anticipated new TV shows this fall. Great comedies, dramas, thrillers, horrors and so on and so on. It was really exciting making this list, starting to ...

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Top 10 Upcoming TV Shows 2014

upcoming tv shows 2014

Over the past years, there has been a great abundance of many legendary TV shows, one after the other. Many of the seasons are being renewed and many shows of each and every genre taking the top spot and going on ...

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Top 10 TV Shows Like Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a typical show intended for fashion and romance loving young people. The show won the hearts of teenagers and young adults. Here are some shows like this one, that will get you addicted just like Gossip Girl ...

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