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Modern Family Season 5 Release Date

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When does Modern Family newest season premieres? Here you can find out the Modern Family season 5 release date and read more about the previous season of this amazing TV show.

Modern Family is on a summer break, but it doesn’t mean that the team isn’t working on its next season. The show’s fourth season did really well on the TV and now the series is headed for a fifth season.

The show returns for its fifth season on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 at 9|8c on ABC.

Every year its season premiere gathers a lot of viewers attention because of guaranteed laughter. Everyone is looking forward to the premiere and the viewers are even more excited since the promo has been released.

Now when we know the air date for the newest season of Modern Family, let’s remind ourselves of the previous season and find out more about the season 5.

Last season we experienced hilarious moments watching the show and enjoyed the family comedy. The best thing about Modern Family is that it addresses the close relations and helps us realize how important they are. Season 4’s finale focused on the death of Phil’s mom and the comedy show gave us an opportunity to emotionally attach to the family. The show twisted so smoothly into the funeral and gave a nice ending to the season. We saw that Mitchel realized that he misses court and now in season 5, he may give a new turn to his career since he has left his job.

Modern Family Season 5

The season 5 promo circles around a big ‘Yes!’Now what that is that about? The team has carefully put together a promo that doesn’t spoil the upcoming moments for the viewers and people are curious what this ‘Yes’ will bring for them in fifth season of the show. Our favorite characters Mitch and Cam have been in a cute relationship since the start of the show. We all know that gay marriage was legalized in California earlier this year, and this Yes may be a hint that the cast and crew is really happy about the ruling finally they are allowing Mitch and Cam to get married.

The gay couple is already living together and they have a family of their own. Now this ruling has given them a chance to get married and officially accept their love for each other. If this is what the big ‘Yes’ is about, Modern Family’s fans are already far beyond excited. For the rest of the cast, we know they have the capability to make us laugh even in our gloomy moments. The viewers have their fingers crossed that this season will not let them down by damaging the reputation of the show. Let’s hope that the team doesn’t add a lot of guest stars to the show and Modern Family’s fan list keeps on increasing.

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