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Homeland Season 3 Premiere & Release Date

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The award winning series Homeland has kept viewers hooked for 2 years owing to its strong plot and thrilling story line. Though the first season of the series got critical acclaim, the second season was seen followed fondly by the fans and the critics due to the mature plot and the thrilling truths that were being revealed in every episode from Brody’s past. The finale of season 2 was one of the most watched episodes of the season and kept the fans thrilled. The last few scenes were incredibly important in the series plot.

Now that Homeland Season 3 Premiere release date has been declared to September 29th, we’ll see quite some changes.

Claire Danes stated that Carrie will have a rough time recovering from what happened in the season finale. She holds herself responsible for not being able to stop the attack she had sensed was going to happen and the fans will see her reeling from guilt in the season premiere. The CIA suffered a huge loss in the finale due to the attack and now it has to defend its identity as well. It’s a shock that such an authority went through a disaster like that and couldn’t see it coming. The officials are being investigated and CIA is not having a good time.

Brody won’t be home for the season premiere and Morena Baccarin claims that the fans will get to see their life without Brody. The pregnant actress showed up on Red Carpet and stated that her pregnancy has been cut out of the series digitally. Actress claimed that Jessica will have a rough time with Brody away. Also the kids are growing up and Jessica will have a hard time managing the kids without their dad. Dana has grown older and more conflicts will be arising between the two ladies of the house.

Not much has been spilled out by the producers about the series but the actors claim that this new season is going to be captivating. Brody is on the run but he won’t be able to stay in hiding for long. The guy has his pictures popping up on every news channel across the global media because of the video he released and it’s going to be hard for him to keep a low profile. We don’t know for how long he’ll be able to live like this but we do know that it will be thrilling to watch the proceedings when the Homeland season 3 premiere starts on September 29th.

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