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Heroes Reborn Review

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Heroes Reborn Review

Back in 2006, a man by the name of Tim Kring created what you could easily oversimplify as “X-men for TV,” a show that serialized people being born with superpowers and how they have to deal with living in a world that fears, hates and hunts people like that. The show was called “Heroes” and it ran for 4 seasons; although if you count all the negative whining most fans spew out then the show only had ONE good season (the first) and the rest sucked so much that nobody cared when it was cancelled. I personally agree that the SECOND season sucked and while the rest were not as grand as season 1, I still loved the show and was genuinely bummed when it was canned. Time travel all the way to 2015 and “Heroes” is now back with an all new series set 5 years after the events of “Heroes” last season. We got lots of new faces and some familiar fan favorites returning in a 2 hour long premiere, so let’s find out if all this time off gave the “Heroes” franchise enough time to re-sharpen its sword.

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After Noah’s (Jack Coleman) daughter Claire made the existence of EVOs (Evolved humans), there began an era of peaceful co-habitation between EVOs and humans until a devastating explosion in Odessa, Texas cost the lives of many people and forever masked the EVOs in a villainous light; being blamed by all of humanity as the source behind the explosion. Now EVOs are hiding and fleeing their “normal” lives in a desperate hope to STAY alive, as they encounter dangerous new EVOs, vengeance seeking humans and a conspiracy that ties the new cast with the old cast in ways that have yet to be revealed. One thing I can tell you right away is that I am VERY glad this was a 2 hour premiere, because there is far too much material to cover in a single satisfactory episode. We got new epic events, new characters to learn about and a lot of old characters to catch up with via pieces of cryptic backstory puzzle pieces.

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Maybe it’s just the initial buzz from one of my favorite shows coming back, or the whole “first viewing” kick that happens until you think back on it and realize it wasn’t as good as you thought…but this premiere sucked me in and it did not let me breath for even a moment. “Heroes Reborn” bombards you with an assortment of events that seem erratic and chaotic, but are in fact managed well enough that you become too engrossed to even remember what it was you disliked about the original “Heroes” in the first place. The pacing and movement of the constant shuffling of characters keeps it fresh and exhilarating; no one becomes too stagnant from prolonged exposure and you’re given enough exposure to become interested and invested in where that person’s journey takes them next. It’s like a faster, more intense version of “Heroes” with a vastly improved story structuring.


I especially like the Peter Parker wanna-be with mad teleporting skills, the living video game samurai girl and the “Bonnie and Clyde” EVO killers. Admittedly, I can see lots of similarities to this new storyline ripping off a GREAT DEAL from half of “Heroes” Season 3’s story, and were unfortunately all too aware that past fan favorite EVOs like Claire and Sylar won’t be showing up due to the careers they established after “Heroes” closed shop.

With only 3 episodes having been aired so far, it’s hard to tell if “Heroes Reborn” will be able to maintain its fast paced momentum; it may burn out or become too complicated to keep it maintained. I think what the script handles best is the focus on the people more so than the powers; too often characters get center stage simply because they’re powers are unique or particularly powerful. But just because you can scream sonic vibrations at the top of your lungs doesn’t mean you deserve to have that much screen time; ensemble shows always have trouble balancing its cast.

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Overall, “Heroes Reborn” may have just barely gotten a chance to flex its telekinetic muscles but its premiere episode(s) kicked things off with an atomic bang and even after seeing it a couple weeks ago; I still get mutant tingles every time I think about the show. It’s an impactful debut that has accelerated beyond its predecessor’s limitations and expanded its universe and mythology with a powerful pace; one I hope they can maintain throughout the rest of the season. Again, it’s far too early to say if “Heroes Reborn” is a substantial enough comeback series, or if it’s just good enough for a cameo appearance at best.

But if you want my personal opinion…which I assume you do, otherwise why bother reading the review up until this point? In my humble view, I haven’t been this excited for the next “Heroes” episode since season 1 came out. You’ve got your powers back Tim Kring, please don’t lose it again.

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– Rob Jefchak

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  • Vamroc M Sylar

    Geezus FUCKING CHRIST Tim Kring ripped off USA Network’s The 4400 and then had the NERVE to pass Heroes off as an “original” idea. Go watch the promo interview he did for Heroes Reborn Tim screwed up the history of HIS OWN SHOW. Heroes Reborn was a MESS an abortion has a better ending.