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Glee Season 5 Premiere

Glee Season 5 Premiere & Air Date

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Glee has completed 4 successful seasons and has managed to gather millions of fans. The producers announced earlier this summer the series will be renewed for a 5th season. The release date for the new season is September 26th 2013.

Not only the producers have announced the date for upcoming season premiere but they have also hinted on what we should expect from the new season of the series. The musical comedy is going to have new ups and downs and some new relationships as well. The season promo has revealed new facts about the new season.

Glee has been adding new cast members all along and this season is not going to be any different in that respect. The producers are introducing new male lead and also a love interest for Sam who will be known as Penny. Rumor is there is going to be a new African American student as well in the Glee team. We are going to have some famous entries in the show as well. Glee is known for taking famous actors and singers as guest cast and this fall we’ll see Adam Lambert from American Idol on the show and he’ll be Kurt’s new rival.

Glee Season 5

Demi Lovato, the former Disney star and the sweetheart singer is also joining the series as a young artist. Creators are planning to introduce her as Santana’s love interest. All these new characters are going to make Glee even more gleeful and the music comedy will continue to hit high ratings by releasing quality episodes. As new members are being added to the series, some of the old cast members are saying goodbye to their fans. We have our fingers crossed that the new introductions will be good enough to keep us from mourning the loss of five of main cast members.

The air date is near and the heartbeats are rising as we long to know what’s going to happen next in the show. The recently released promo of the show has helped in letting us know some of the on-goings. The promo includes some classic Beatles tunes and is a gleeful reminder of an upcoming comedy premiere. Glee season 5 premiere will show that Rachel is back which is reason enough for us to be excited for this upcoming hour long episode. The promo shows the shocked look on Kurt’s face and Rachel’s full of joy face. The excitement is beyond words and even a couple of weeks seem too long. Let’s hope this premiere is worth the wait.

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