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Cougar Town Season 5 Premiere & Air Date

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Cougar Town is ready for a new season that starts next spring. The series was cancelled back in the end of 2012 but the TBS president has rescued the comedy series and renewed it for a 13 episode new season.

The whole cast and crew is excited about the upcoming season as the series had a good rating and provided quality humor and laughter to the viewers.

The announcement for a new season was made publicly earlier this year and the team embarked on the mission to produce the new episodes for the upcoming season.

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Cougar Town Season 5 Promo

The TBS president stated that the series was up to his expectations as it delivered the laughter it promised and the sense of humor was great. He said he would like to save the series and launch a new season. The producers are currently working for the production of the season so that it can be premiered in 2014. Cougar Town season 5 Premiere will be launching in the winter of 2014 and the fans should gear up for another 13 episodes of sheer comedy and hilarious dialogues by their favorite characters from the show.

The producers have crafted awesome episodes with humorous dialogues and the promo will be released soon. The fans should stay tuned to the updates regarding their favorite TV show which has been resurrected before it fell apart and is now on a road to a whole new season.

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The air date for the new season premiere is January 7, 2014. It’s just a matter of few weeks till the new season launch date of our favorite comedy show. The characters of the TV show are going to be the same and the series will probably start off from where it left.

The only different thing about the series is that Bill Lawrence is going to be busy with three other premieres so he has taken a break from the series. The production unit has been taken over by other staff and according to Lawrence, the production is very confident about its contents and that Bill’s absence will not have a bad impact on the show’s production and launch.

They are claiming that the premiere is going to be very refreshing and will please the fans. We have our fingers crossed till the new premiere is released and hope that our favorite show has something good for us in stock to make up for the previous loss.

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