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Community Season 5 Premiere & Air Date

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UPDATE:  Community is going to premiere in January 2, 2014 on NBC. So tune in every Thursdays at 8:00 pm ET.

Community released the finale of its fourth season in May. Some people claim that the show will lose its charm if it starts a new season. It’s because of the fact that we had to watch a whole season where there was no sign of Dan Harmon.

An important character leaving the show like this disappointed the fans of the show. And now that Jeff has also graduated after four long years, some are thinking it’s the right time for the team to quit before it lags on. On the other hand, show’s lovers are looking forward to a whole new season full of meta-humor.

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Community Season 5 Trailer

Even though Jeff has graduated, it was announced that the show will have a fifth season. The producers still haven’t announced the date for season premiere though. The fans are still wondering as NBC hasn’t given a schedule for the show’s fifth season which is supposed to go on air this fall. The date of the premiere may be announced soon but the real question that arises here is in which direction the series will proceed now.

The show started when Jeff had to go to college as he was suspended as a lawyer and now he has finally graduated from college. Jeff’s graduation can make the new season less appealing if the team decides to write him off the show. It’s a good thing that the new season will wind up in just 13 episodes. Along with Jeff, Pierce Hawthorne also graduated in fourth season. He appeared from the later episodes of the season and his departure was covered pretty awkwardly. Now that Chase has also left the series with a cover up explanation, who knows what surprises the new season premiere will bring.

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It has been announced that Dan Harmon is returning to the show for fifth season. However it’s not sure how many episodes he’ll appear in. still it’s good to know that we’ll have Harmon back on show. Even with that, the show is going to be different than what it was before. The central character Jeff can’t hold on to check up on his friends for long and we’ll have to live with the fact.

It is possible that the producers create some good excuse to keep him on show, after all 13 episodes isn’t a very long period and we expect our favorite character from show to appear for our sake. However only the producers can reveal what they have in season 5 for us.

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