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Californication Season 7 Premiere

Californication Season 7 Premiere & Release Date

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Californication is all geared up for a seventh season. Though the new season will not launch until 2014 but the cast and crew are heavily focused on shooting the scenes for the upcoming season premiere.

Californication season 7 premiere & release date is set to be in April 2014 and that’s why the production is busy in completing the shooting and editing for the season episodes. The show has had a great fandom during its airing and it is expected if it to give a fabulous ending to let the fans enjoy it forever.

Seventh season is going to be the final season for the show and the production has casted some really talented actors as guest stars for the final season. Among the notable ones are Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos, Heather Graham from Hangover and 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub. Even though their roles have not been announced and it’s not public knowledge as who they will act in the show but the casting indicates that their roles are going to be great. Not only the regular cast is going to give their best performance but also the blend of these amazing actors is going to drive even more viewers to the season’s premiere.

Since it’s the last season, the production team is focused on creating a great ending story for the popular series. It has been confirmed that Rob Lowe is coming back on screen for one episode during season 7. Though the fans want him back for more scenes but the writers are bringing him back for a short duration. His character Eddie Nero is one of Hank’s old pals, who is a rather popular actor, but had his own personal problems. Hopefully the character will bring joy to the viewers as his role in the course of the final season.

Mercedes Masohn from 666 Park Avenue has also confirmed appearance on the show for one episode. She will appear as a TV star, Amy Taylor Walsh, who pleas for Hank’s help but it put him in a rather uncomfortable position instead. All these guest actors have the fans buckled up for a whole new season.

Californication season 7 premiere and release date is in April 2014 and it will gather millions of viewers all over the world being the last season of the popular series.

The exact date for the season premiere has not been announced yet but the fans are waiting for the spring to get a scoop from their favorite TV show as it glides to say goodbye.

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