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Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul Spin-off

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Breaking Bad has been charming its fans for five years. And now that the series is finished, the producers have decided to pull together a spin-off series.

The announcement was made in April 2013 by the producers, that the ideas for a Breaking Bad spin-off series are being analyzed. Later in the summer it was confirmed that there will be a spin-off series.

Recently, a name has been given to the upcoming TV show. The producers call it “Better Call Saul” and the show is focused on the character of Saul Goodman which will be played by Bob Odenkirk.

A Message From Saul Goodman

At the end of season 5 of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman got a new identity so he can start a new life. So he is still alive, but that’s not much important because we know that the show “Better Call Saul” will concentrate on his early days. The series will show highlights of Goodman’s life from before he was the crazy crystal meth’s lawyer. The series will reveal things about his past and hence will be a huge support for fans after Breaking Bad ends.

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The crooked lawyer’s early life was never a point of discussion in Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul new TV show is going to do justice to his character by bringing his character to life and by bringing to life we mean the series will help the fans get to know him better.

The new series will start off with a one hour premiere to let the fans get something to hold onto. The main reason behind launching this whole new project is the protest of the fans on the series ending of Breaking Bad. By producing a spin-off series, the creators have done a good job in giving the fans some good closure and a new head start.

The exact dates for the launch of the new series have not been confirmed but the producers have stated that the series will go on air in November 2014. Considering the writing talent of the creators, we can presume that the new TV show, Better Call Saul, is going to be a huge success. The producers did a great job in keeping the fans crazy for 5 years over Breaking Bad, and considering that the new series is its spin-off, it’s no harm to assume that it is going to be as crazy and thrilling as this one.

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