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Best Cable TV Shows 2013

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What are the most popular cable TV shows and series in 2013? You can find out here, see the top 10 best cable TV shows and read more about them. Here is a list of the most watched cable TV shows and series for 2013.




Cable network: CBS | Views per week: 13.9 million

Two and a Half MenThe story follows the dysfunctional relationship between two brothers, Charlie and Alan Harper, as life throws countless obstacles in their path in order to overcome them and form an unbreakable bond. Charlie is a jingle freelancer with an impossible lifestyle, having numerous sexual encounters with total strangers, drinking excessively and taking on his brother. Alan is a newly divorced mid-thirties man, extremely neat and control-freak, possible with OCD.

He is welcomed in Charlie’s Malibu beach house after he lost his place in favor of his wife, Judith, a canny devious woman who extorts her former husband, making him to pay an incredible amount of money as alimony and extra for casual expenses, like a trip to Paris or living room refurnishing. Caught between this war of interest is Jake, a lazy average intelligence boy whose only concerns are food and video games. All three have a common enemy: Evelyn, Charlie and Alan’s mother and Jake’s grandmother.

She is a woman who knows how to manipulate, lie, steal and cheat and she’ll do everything for her to be well and satisfied, including neglecting her children. Other regular characters are Berta, Charlie’s housekeeper and Rose, Charlie’s former girlfriend and now his stalker. After Charlie’s death in an unfortunate accident, Alan, unable to pay for a beach house, sells it to Walden Schmidt, a lonely young man who turns out to be a billionaire in search of friends. He wants a family, so he invites Alan and Jake to live with him, where they become his surrogate family.



Cable network: AMC | Views per week: 14.3 million

The Walking DeadComing out from a coma, sheriff deputy Rick Grimes discovers that the world was taken over by zombies and his family is missing. He encounters other survivors who put him up to date. Finding the group where his wife and son are, he rapidly takes control and tries to keep them away from trouble, fighting zombies and other groups, keeping it a close circle and doing their best to keep their humanity in a world that is briskly and strongly devoured by this.

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular new TV series you can watch on cable right now.

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Cable network: NBC | Views per week: 14.4 million

The VoiceThe Voice is an American reality TV singing competition whose purpose is to find new talents, solo or group. The rules are quite simple: you perform in front of four judges. The first round is called “blind audition” because they can’t see you, they can only hear you. So any aspect-related rejects are excluded. If one of them likes the contestant, they make an offer. It’s the contestant right to choose which coach he/she wants. After this step, the contestant becomes part of a team and they train together under the supervision of their mentor.

The second round is called “battle round”. Every coach must pair his/her contestants in a singing battle. If you pass this round, the next one is called “knockout round” which consists in an impromptu singing contest within a team. The opponents are informed about their queue with a couple of minutes before they ought to perform. The final stage of the competition is live performance, where they are eliminated on weekly bases depending on public’s voting. The coaches can save a contestant from elimination. The winner is chosen from the final three.



Cable network: ABC | Views per week: 15.0 million

Dancing with the StarsDancing with the starts in an interactive dancing competition where a celebrity is paired with a professional dancer. They perform predetermined dances, according to a theme. After each act, the judges give them scores from 1 to 10, ten being the highest. The public also vote their favorites and, at the end of the episode, a cumulative score is made from judges’ notes and public’s votes and the couple with the lowest score leaves the competition.



Cable network: Fox | Views per week: 15.1 million

American IdolBased on the British reality TV television singing series Pop Idol, American Idol spawned an incredible impact in the history of television, being for eight consecutive years number one in U.S. television rankings. The purpose of the series is to find new solo recording artist relying upon the viewers votes. The age range is from fifteen to twenty-eight and there are three sets of cuts before entering officially in the competition. The first two are held in front of selectors and show’s producers, first as a group, then as an individual. The third set of cuts is held in front of the jury.

The contestants may sing a-cappella or with a band. If the jury thinks they have potential, they give them a Hollywood pass. Once in Hollywood, more stressful demanding challenges are arranged for them. Until season ten another three rounds of elimination met the competitors. The first one required group blocks, but individually performances, the second one forced them to bring themselves together in 4-5-6 persons’ groups to prepare an act and the final round resumes the individually singing act. Starting with season ten, a new elimination stage was introduced – Las Vegas, where the contestants are grouped and they perform according to a theme, followed by another solo round, which gives the 24-36 semi-finalists. From this point onward, the public has the decision of keeping and eliminating competitors.

This is one of the most watched and best cable TV shows for this year and it’s also the most popular reality TV show that you can watch on cable.

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Cable network: CBS | Views per week: 16.2 million

Person of InterestAfter the death of the woman he loves, John Reese, a former military and CIA officer chooses a careless, negligent lifestyle, being considered dead. His skills are requested by Harold Finch, a billionaire and a computer genius who invented a machine which can predict incoming terrorist attacks and, to his surprise, common every day crimes.

Although the government is not interested in those kind of felonies, Harold is willing to hire Reese to intervene and stop them. With the aid of Lionel Fusco and Joss Carter, NYPD detectives, Reese and Finch are determined to protect the citizens as good as they can. The system doesn’t tell, though, if the crime will be committed, when or even if the person is the victim or the criminal.



Cable network: CBS | Views per week: 17.5 million

NCIS Los AngelesThe series follows the elite division office of Special Projects of the Naval Criminal Investigation Services, where agents go undercover to solve L.A.’s hardest cases. G. Callen and Sam Hanna are an unbeatable team who know how life is on the other side of the fence. Forensic crime investigator Kensi Blye completes the team also as an undercover agent. Pairing up with LAPD detective Marty Deeks, computer guru Eric Beal and Neil Jones, computer analyst, the team is truly effective under the strong supervision of Hetty, a veteran chief who has more authority than the Director himself.



Cable network: CBS | Views per week: 19.0 million

the big bang theorySheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter are best friends, roommates and extremely intelligent physicists working at Caltech in Pasadena, California. Their geeky and socially-awkward friendship is completed by their other Caltech colleagues: Howard Wolowitz, aerospace engineer and Raj Koothrappali, astrophysicist. Together they play video games, work on their projects, read comic books or attend sci-fi conferences.

Or, from time to time, undertake measures in order for them to have real girlfriends. In their dorky world tags along Penny, a waitress and a wanna-be actress, whom Leonard finds himself very fond of, Bernadette, a microbiologist at the same institute and later Howard’s wife and neuroscientist Amy who will be matched with Sheldon on a dating website.



Cable network: NBC | Views per week: 21.0 million

sunday night footballNBC Sunday Night Football began airing on August 6, 2006 and is a weekly television broadcast of Sunday evening National Football League games. The commentator is Cris Collinsworth and the sideline reporter is Michele Tafoya. The broadcast was named, in 2011-2012 season, the highly rated and most watched TV program in Nielsen ratings, dethroning American Idol.



Cable network: CBS | Views per week: 21.6 million

NCISNCIS is a police procedural drama television series, following a fictional team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service MCRT (Major Case Response Team). The brain of it is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a former marine and highly skilled investigator who can rely on the evidence as much as on his instincts. His right hand is Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo, Senior Field Agent. He is the goofy one, a restless womanizer and a brutally honest man, but a professional agent. Another part of the team is former Mossad officer, Ziva David, an experienced fighter who replaced Caitlin “Kate” Todd when she was murdered by Ziva’s stepbrother Ari.

The target of all Tony’s mocking is Junior Field Agent Timothy McGee, a computer geek, but extremely bright and competent with both data processing machines and field work. The persons without whom the cases would not be solved are Abbigail “Abby” Sciuto, the caffeined-goth lab tech who has a special place in Jethro’s heart and Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, the medical examiner full of strange stories. They are assigned cases related to U.S. Navy or which happened within U.S. Navy’s territory.

NCIS is without a doubt one of the most popular  TV series that you can watch on cable.

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