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New Direction for Arrow Season Four

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A New Direction for Arrow Season Four?

Season three of the hit CW TV show Arrow was a strange bird indeed. While the show has always leaned towards the darker side of things this particular season went a little farther than seasons past, pushing Oliver Queen/The Arrow and company into some very uncomfortable and evil places. Even in the end, when Oliver gets the girl and seemingly rides off into the sunset leaving the Arrow and his baggage behind, we all realize there is no escaping who he is and that he will return eventually.

However, what will await him when he does return?

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From start to end, season three pushed Oliver Queen to the limit, starting off with the apparent death of The Black Canary. Malcolm Merlyn, in all his slimy goodness, manages to not only turn his daughter into a killer but bring The League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul into everyone’s life. Oliver agrees to take over for Ra’s and lead The League in exchange for the life of his dying sister, Thea. Ra’s al Ghul eventually dies at the hand of the Arrow when he threatens to poison everyone in Starling City.

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While Oliver and Felicity leave Starling City, a couple at last, the team they leave behind to protect the city is not in the best of shape. The events of season three have left many jaded, angry and confused, not sure how to do things with the Arrow there as their leader.

Understanding that Oliver Queen/The Arrow will return is the easy part. What he will be returning to and how much he has changed will be the interesting part. There will obviously have to be a very good reason to make him leave the life he has made for himself to return to the darkness and destruction that follows the Arrow wherever he goes. I’m guessing a teammate or even the city is once again under such an overwhelming threat that someone reaches out to him for help.


Season four could very well turn out to be a very pivotal one in the Arrow universe. Up until now, it has been Oliver Queen’s mission to save his city by whatever means necessary. He started out as a vigilante, then became a reluctant hero and now he will seemingly be dragged back to put the mask back on again.

There has always been some sort of end game for Oliver Queen in the sense that although he feels obligated to protect his city and those in it at any cost, he never expected to live long enough to feel like he had a choice to do anything else but that. Now, with a chance a happiness he will once again be forced to leave that behind to be the reluctant savior for a city that he’s not even sure wants him there anymore, never mind certain people he once called friends.

The showrunners and writers must make sure they do not fall into the trap of taking the easy way out by trying to make things normal again. Nothing will ever be the same again after the events that took place in season three. However, a new Arrow/Oliver Queen can definitely re-energize some of the tired storylines that played out last season.

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We have not seen the last of The League of Assassins to be sure now that Malcolm is in charge who knows what’s going to happen with them and how it will affect everyone else. I’m hoping Malcom has an even bigger part to play in the upcoming season as he is great character and a magnet for trouble.


I will also state outright that I believe another character from the main cast is going to be killed off. You heard it here first.

So cross your fingers for some new storylines and continued fast paced action that will continue to propel Arrow to success in the upcoming season. It should be a hell of a lot of fun!

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– Jeff Fountain,

Writer – The GCE (geekchicelite.com)

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