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Arrow Season 2 Premiere

Arrow Season 2 Release Date

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Arrow managed to attract a very large audience on its season pilot and now that it has finished a whole season with a shocking ending in the season finale, the fans are waiting impatiently for the second season to air. Arrow season 2 release date and premiere has been announced, the season premiere will air on 9th of October this fall. The last moments of the first season were a shock to everyone and therefore everyone is waiting to know what’s going to happen in Arrow this fall.

In the proceedings of the first season it was revealed that Oliver’s life was completely changed during his time at the island due to the on-goings he went through. He had returned a totally changed person and still had feelings for Laurel. Then we saw Laurel dating his best friend Tommy. Even though things were complicated between Laurel and Tommy at the end of the season but the cute fellow died saving her life and told her how much he loved her. This scene was a shock for all of us and affected the fans much more than the destruction of the glades.

Arrow Season 2 Premiere Extended Trailer

The summer break gave the fans a chance to mourn over the cute Tommy Merlyn but the loss still can’t be replaced. Now that the series is headed for a new season, there are going to be new twists as Tommy is out of the picture and the creators hinted that Oliver will not be in Starling City in the start of the second season. This is also going to be a shock for poor Laurel as one of her lovers died saving her life while she was dating the other one. But she still has no idea that her boyfriend Oliver is the vigilante of her city.

The prime motive behind Oliver’s vigilante acts was to save the city and since he was unable to save the people from the destruction of the glades, his motive is gone. The creators have revealed that he won’t be working as a vigilante in the start of season 2, in fact he’ll be making a trip to Blüdhaven. What will he find there? It is still unknown. The new season will reveal for how long the vigilante stays away from the city and what finally brings him back to his favorite city. And let’s hope that we get more of the smart blonde Felicity to hack our computers.

So don’t forget to watch the second season of Arrow when the first episode will be released on 9th October, 2013 on The CW at 8 p.m. ET.

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